Living Marsala: what to do and see

Casa Angelina’s staff will be pleased to show you the itineraries to follow and the attractions to see in Marsala.

A town rich in history and tradition, Marsala is a must-go-to destination for lovers of Sicily. Situated on the remains of the ancient Punic city of Lilibeo, it overlooks the isle of Favignana and boasts a vast territory where two large and geographically counterposed shores meet.


The wreckage of the ship is preserved at Baglio Anselmi’s Archaeological Museum. Most likely, it dates back to the naval battle that took place off the shores of the Aegadian Islands in 241 B.C.


The islet of Mozia was once a Phoenician colony. The shallow waters around it and its archaeological relics make it of the most fascinating places of interest in Sicily.

Piazza PurgatorIO

This baroque jewel displays, at its center, a monumental 18th century fountain and the former Church of Purgatorio, nowadays the site of Santa Cecilia’s Auditorium.


One of the first conservation areas established in Sicily, it encompasses the Stagnone Lagoon, an expanse of water bordered from the open sea by the Isola Grande and with the more inner islets: Mozia, Santa Maria and Schola.


The park extends over Cape Boeo, which overlooks the turquoise sea water of western Sicily, and hosts Baglio Anselmi’s Archaeological Museum within its area.


The medieval village of Erice soars from its 750 meters of altitude, boasting an outstanding panoramic view that embraces the gulf of Trapani and the Aegadian Islands on one side and the valley of Valderice on the other


The islands of Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo, along with the islet of Formica and the rocks of Maraone are embedded in breathtaking crystal-clear waters and host a variety of marine wildlife and vegetation.


The natural reserve of Zingaro spreads on the western end of the gulf of Castellammare, along the east side of the peninsula of Capo San Vito, which stretches towards the Tyrrhenian Sea, between Castellammare del Golfo and Trapani.

San Vito Lo Capo

Cozy town embedded between the iconic promontory of Mount Monaco on one side the the flatland of Egitarso on the other. This longstanding maritime village boasts heavenly excursion trails and beaches.